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The RISE Foundation currently runs non-residential Family Programmes in Dublin city and occasionally in a number of counties around Ireland, and a 1 to 1 Counselling Service in Dublin city with a team of experienced addiction counsellors. We provide individual and group counselling services to people adversely affected by a loved ones addiction. These services are available to people from all communities throughout the island of Ireland.

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About the Rise Foundation

The Cost of Addiction

There are significant social and economic costs associated with addiction, including family breakdown, crime, suicide/self-harm and child abuse/neglect.

The following facts highlight this:

  • Estimated 1 in 10 adults in Ireland are alcoholic (Ref: Rutland Centre)

  • For every addict 4-6 family members are profoundly impacted

  • Up to 104,000 children are currently living in families adversely affected by alcohol alone (Ref: Alcohol Action)

  • 55% of domestic violence incidents happen in alcoholic homes and drink is a factor in 90% of child abuse cases

  • Alcohol-related harm costs this country approx. €3.7 billion a year - that’s €3,318 for every tax payer! (Ref: Alcohol Action)

  • Average of 7 people in every 1,000 in Ireland are defined as problem opiate, or heroin users

  • Currently 15,000 people in alcohol/drug treatment

  • Children of problem gamblers have been shown to have higher usage levels of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and overeating than their classroom peers

  • It is estimated that about 200 Irish people a year seek help for sex addiction

Family Programmes

Our 10-week non-residential Family Programme has been developed to create awareness and educate families with loved ones in addiction.

This therapeutic programme is run one evening per week, for 3 hours per session. Each programme is attended by up to 12 participants and is facilitated by 2 qualified and experienced RISE addiction counsellors. The format is a combination of lectures and group therapy.

We ask for a donation of €30 per night if you can afford it. Please don’t worry if you feel you are unable to pay this amount as we can come to some arrangement, it is vital not to let this stand in the way of the support needed. We are a charitable organisation with no government funding, so this donation contributes to the overall cost of the Family Programme.

To enquire about our next 10-Week Family Programme, please fill out an enquiry form.

It is our vision to significantly expand the number of non-residential Family Programmes and roll them out throughout the island of Ireland. We plan to deliver this vision over the next five years.

1 to 1 Counselling

1 to 1 counselling to raise you up.

We also offer 1 to 1 Counselling to anyone who is impacted by a loved ones Alcohol, Drug, Sex, Gambling or Food problem. If you looking for professional, therapeutic help and support in a caring environment then please arrange to meet with one of our experienced counsellors.

To enquire further about our Family Programmes or Counselling Service please fill out an enquiry form in the strictest confidence OR call us on (01) 764 5131.


Our aftercare program is designed to offer participants who have completed our Family Programme an opportunity to continue working with the Rise Foundation. Family members meet every two weeks in a group session facilitated by one of our senior therapists. It offers a great opportunity to build on the awareness and experience from the Family Programme and to offer continuing support to those living with a loved one in addiction.


Family Programmes

Current and past locations

  1. Dublin

  2. Dundalk

  3. Drogheda

  4. Portlaoise

  5. Kilkenny

  6. Navan

  7. Carlow

  8. Dochas Women’s Prison, Dublin 7

  9. Residential Programme, Raithlin Island