Facts About Addiction

The following facts highlight the extent of addiction in Ireland and the impact on families:

  • Up to 104,000 children are currently living in families adversely affected by alcohol alone (Ref: Alcohol Action)

  • Children of alcoholics are four times more likely to become alcoholics and 50% will end up marrying an alcoholic.

  • 33% of children of alcoholics go on to develop related problems in adulthood.

  • 55% of domestic violence incidents happen in alcoholic homes and drink is a factor in 90% of child abuse cases

  • Alcohol-related harm costs this country approx. €3.7 billion a year - that's €3,318 for every tax payer! (Ref: Alcohol Action)

  • An average of 7 people in every 1,000 in Ireland are defined as problem opiate, or heroin, users

  • The percentage of heroin users in treatment, at 50 per cent, is very high compared to other EU countries.

  • Children of problem gamblers have been shown to have higher usage levels of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and overeating than their classroom peers

  • It is estimated that about 200 Irish people a year seek help for sex addiction